Military police bear a wide range of responsibilities, from staffing base checkpoints to full criminal investigations.

Cyrun provides a complete law enforcement system that tracks the activities of all police officers as well as the details of every incident. Disciplinary actions are managed from initial incident notification to citation and (if necessary) arrest, booking and incarceration of the suspect.

When a vehicle enters your base, the license plate can automatically be checked against the local security database as well as NCIC to determine if there are any wants, warrants or other alerts associated with the vehicle or its occupants. Each step in the process is documented and time stamped so that investigators can perform a detailed post action analysis if a significant event occurs. If there is a perimeter breach, Cyrun can notify your video surveillance system to display the appropriate video feeds of the intrusion point. A new incident will then be posted to the dispatch system based on the nature of the alert in the impacted area. Every incident type can generate its own standardized response, from a DUI to a full scale NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) alert.

Military bases can also have failover systems so that if one military base were to be damaged or destroyed, the command and control center can be dynamically moved to a secondary base or outpost.