Alliance PD Central offers the most advanced NLETS/NCIC connection system available today.

NLETS/NCIC requests are processed in the background, allowing users to continue full operation of their systems. All NLETS communications are retained in a log, including the query text, the user’s name and workstation and the complete response texts.

A full complement of NLETS user masks is provided in addition to free-form text input. NLETS masks can be structured to run multiple queries, through the DMV, ROS, local county-based systems, etc., off of one piece of data, such as a license plate or driver’s license. NLETS requests can be dispatched seamlessly from the On-View form or the text command line in the Event Desk as part of an officer-initiated Event or from the officer reporting forms.

Automates multiple-part background checks. The driver’s license check is processed completely from a single entry, returning a full Driver’s History, Wants and Warrants, ROS, as well as Supervised Release File check automatically.

Provides internal auditing trail of all NLETS requests. Each request made is logged by user name, originating workstation, event number associated, data requested, and date and time of request. This system eliminates the surprise of DOJ audit results.