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Real Security Starts with Information

Started in 1992, Cyrun® is a leading provider of software solutions used by public safety agencies to control, analyze and report on data/information flowing into their organizations. Cyrun solutions are designed by experienced law enforcement professionals to increase efficiency and responsiveness to the needs of constituents. In addition to increasing personnel’s accountability, Cyrun’s Software also improves organizational memory for more informed business decisions.

Industry leading flexibility – can be deployed in the Cloud, On-Premise or in Mixed Environments. Learn More…

Law Enforcement Solution

Alliance PD Central™ from Cyrun is a complete and integrated law enforcement system that utilizes the latest in windows, mobile, and tablet technology. Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management (RMS), Officer reporting and Detective Tools are all standard functions.

Solution for K-12 Education

Alliance Solution for School Districts provides a complete and integrated Security Management system for school security.Designed by law enforcement personnel, it enables a school or school district to handle day to day operations as well as major events as they occur.

Solution for Colleges & Universities

Alliance Solution for Higher Education was designed by law enforcement and can manage all public safety incidents as well as track personnel activities across campus. Alliance supports multi-campus environments too! Provides detailed reports and follows the normal UCR reporting rules to comply with the Jeanne Clery Statistics Act.

Solution for Casino & Gaming Industry

Alliance Casino Enforcer™ is an integrated casino security management system designed by law enforcement personnel. The software package includes integrated Casino Security and Casino Surveillance systems. Alliance fulfills the gaming industry’s unique requirements: loss prevention tracking, guest security, cash escorts & critical alerts.

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Complete and integrated Hospital Security Management and Incident Reporting Software Suite. Designed by experts in law enforcement and risk management to handle day-to-day operations as well as major events. Click “LEARN MORE” to visit our Hospitals/Healthcare page for details.