The Alliance system is a fully integrated with its GIS mapping sub-module.

This module displays pending and active event status on a regional map and allows dispatches full control of dispatch functions on the map display.

Pending and active events are each displayed as a map layer that may be turned on or off with the click of a button. Map displays are automatically updated as events are created, removed or dispatched. The map display automatically resizes to include all active and pending events as they are entered. The user can manually resize the map by selecting a portion of the map screen with the cursor. Using the mouse to right click on any data point on the map will provide basic information about that data point, such as event type and location. Street names, highways and landmarks can also be split up as individual layers that may be turned on or off as needed.

If a department has integrated Alliance as its mobile data solution, vehicles with GPS units may have their x and y coordinates plotted on the map as an overlay. This greatly facilitates a dispatcher’s ability to locate field vehicles closest to an event.