Mobile Computer System

Alliance Mobile from CYRUN is a complete and integrated mobile data system that provides dispatch and report writing functionality to officers in the field.

When a call is created in the CAD System, the information for that incident is immediately available to every authorized member of the department.

Officers may then access this CAD information in their vehicles or at the station. This information may then be utilized to create an Incident or Arrest Report using the Alliance Field Officer Reporting program which is identical to the in station report writing tools. Once the officer has written their report using the Alliance tool, the report is then passed electronically to the officers’ supervisor for approval or kickback. Once approved, the report is then immediately available to the Records and Detective divisions to perform statistical and crime analysis functions without any duplication of data entry throughout the process. The net result is that Alliance will significantly reduce officer reporting time and records department workload, while at the same time increase officer safety and provide efficient high quality information.