Incident Reporting

Alliance PD Central provides a streamlined, single-entry reporting environment for officers with the specific goal of dramatically reducing the time officers spend creating reports and increasing time on the beat.

A list of reports for which each officer is responsible is generated automatically from the Case Reporting system.

Incident reports allow officers to document any type of activity from a minor injury report to a full scale homicide investigation. Tools are provided to track crimes and locations, people and vehicles, MO, property and evidence, narratives and document attachments. Multiple reports may be generated from the single-entry forms and can be passed to Records and/or Supervisors for verification and review. Specialty forms are offered for traffic collisions, domestic violence, drug influence, and many other types of reports. Officers are notified automatically if reports are past due.

Officer’s reports may be generated in one of four ways: using laptops as stand-alone field computers; using laptops in the field connected wirelessly to the mobile data server at the PD, at designated workstations in the report writing room; or by records personnel from hand written reports.

When an officer completes a case report, the officer may move to the Records folder to complete the UCR or NIBRS reporting requirements. The Records division may also complete the data entry for this section. If there are any UCR reporting discrepancies in the report, those discrepancies will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. For example if an officer lists a violent crime but has no victims a message will alert the user. Alliance provides automated tools to correct most of these types of errors.