The investigations division receives the most benefits from the Alliance system. Investigators can access and query all of the information gathered for a case in one tool regardless of whether a line officer, records person or a fellow investigator entered the information. This allows them to see not only visualize the big picture, but all of the specific details of a case quickly from within  Cyrun’s Alliance Software.

Analytical Tools

Cyrun Software was designed to provide tools that allow investigators to track crime patterns and trends using a wide variety of factors from crime type to MO factors to the individuals involved in the crime as well as the victims.

Generate and Track MO Information

Cyrun Software system provides the user with the ability to generate MO information for each suspect within a crime, as well as for the crime itself. Simple check boxes are used to define complex interactions between the suspect, victim and premises. Once entered, MO information becomes a valuable tool for investigators, upper management and line officers. MO searches no longer require shuffling through masses of case reports, investigators can use a MO search tool to isolate matching suspects or similar case profiles.

The organization can even require line officers to enter MO factors based on the incident type. For instance if there was a burglary, the system can require the user to add the method of entry, point of entry, target, case solvability, as well as any other factors desired.

Monitor Workload and Case Progress

The Case Manager form provides an overview of an agency’s caseload, not just the investigations workload. In one screen, a supervisor can view all the cases assigned to each member of their division along with a listing of all actions that need to be completed for each case.

As new cases are assigned to a division, workloads can be viewed at a glance and cases may be assigned to the most available personnel. This form also allows a department to track the progress of a case through the District Attorney’s office and then on through the courts.