Cyrun ends 2018 with usage at more than 950 Schools and 600,000 Students

January 4, 2019

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Cyrun is pleased to announce that 2018 continued the strong trend of Cyrun’s Alliance Solution for School Districts ( being selected as preferred Incident Management and Reporting Software by leading schools and school districts across the nation. At the end of 2018, Cyrun’s Alliance Solution for School Districts is being used or is in the process of being used by Safety and Security Teams covering almost 950 Schools with enrollment in excess of 600,000 Students.

Cyrun’s Alliance Solution for School Districts (, is a highly rated school incident management/risk reduction/reporting solution designed by law enforcement experts. The software blends powerful reports, incident management, risk mitigation, and analytic tools in a modern, easy to use interface. Cryun’s School Safety and Security Software is designed to manage all public safety incidents and track all personnel activities across one or more schools or school districts.

Due to their modern architecture, Cyrun’s solutions provide robust and accurate reports for analysis and reporting. The software’s flexible architecture allows an organization to run the software on its own internal servers, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

“This continued growth is a sign of continued confidence in Cyrun’s Safety and Security Solutions. We designed the software to be robust enough to handle events from routine day-to-day events to high-risk, low-probability events such as active shooters and natural disasters. The modern user interface is designed to simplify the tasks for users and allows for quick, simple and accurate data entry and retrieval. The software has built-in tools & templates to prompt and direct actions from security personnel and first responders in events such as active shooters, medical emergencies and many more. This improves safety and security of staff, students, parents and volunteers,” said Sarath Boyapati, CEO of Cyrun. “Cyrun solutions improve safety and help organizations reduce & mitigate risk.”